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Below is a quick overview of the upcoming Survivor Pass: Vikendi. This pass is not yet available on live servers, and will be released alongside the Vikendi map in January (date TBD). To prepare you for the pass, here are some details of what you can expect.



The System is currently under development – the actual UI/UX may be different when it is released.

  • The duration of the pass is 10 weeks.
  • Players have the opportunity to complete missions and receive rewards throughout the duration of the pass.
  • Two types of passes are available:
    • Free version of Survivor Pass: Vikendi – Provides missions and rewards to unlock for all players, as they level-up the pass.
    • Premium version of Survival Pass: Vikendi – Provides special missions and exclusive rewards to players who’ve purchased the premium pass, as they level-up the pass.
  • Each level you can claim rewards from Survivor Pass: Vikendi in the Rewards tab and also claim Coupons by clicking on the ‘Drop In Supply’ button.
    • Coupons can be used to unlock exclusive rewards, read on for more details.
  • You can view your current mission lists in the ‘Missions’ tab.
  • There are 5 mission types available to complete:
    • Daily Missions: 3 missions will be provided every day. You swap out up to 1 mission per day.
    • Weekly Missions: 10 missions will be available every week, and you can view the missions for specific weeks.
    • 3.png.798cb9118ec7d2ddf3fa29e4dc3b3c85.png
      • Premium Pass holders can complete up to 10 missions per week and all players with Survivor Pass: Vikendi can complete up to 4 missions.
    • Beginner Missions: Easy missions which are provided for beginner players.
    • Premium Missions: All players can complete these missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion.
    • Challenge Missions: Theses are special missions provided for players who’ve completed all their weekly missions in a specific week. It contains more challenging and advanced missions.
      • All players can complete Challenge Missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion.
  • 4.png.6a42012d1cfb475fb98a35159c8433d0.png

‘Coupon’ system in Survivor Pass: Vikendi

  • You can claim Coupons (Blue, Yellow and White) each level, which you can then use to unlock exclusive items in the Coupon Shop.
  • 5.png.4cf2954cb1322207092aff75d5729a5f.png

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